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Manually edit processbook DisplayID in Pivision

Question asked by Johnny.bjanesoy on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by jru

Hi, I am currently working on a migration of a host of processbook displays. During the final touches, I accidently deleted a display. While I have a backup, the navigation elements are not relative and the displayID have now been changed upon import.

In short, what was PB/#/PBDisplays/1997 is now PB/#/PBDisplays/2049 and I really rather not manually edit a hundred displays to fix this.


I've tried to edit the DisplayID in SQL (dbo.ProcessBookDisplays, Update query on specific DisplayID). Succesfull query but nothing showed up in Pivision, rather it created a new index at /2050 when .pdi was updated


So am I missing some other point that needs to be updated or is my mission futile?