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    Manually edit processbook DisplayID in Pivision


      Hi, I am currently working on a migration of a host of processbook displays. During the final touches, I accidently deleted a display. While I have a backup, the navigation elements are not relative and the displayID have now been changed upon import.

      In short, what was PB/#/PBDisplays/1997 is now PB/#/PBDisplays/2049 and I really rather not manually edit a hundred displays to fix this.


      I've tried to edit the DisplayID in SQL (dbo.ProcessBookDisplays, Update query on specific DisplayID). Succesfull query but nothing showed up in Pivision, rather it created a new index at /2050 when .pdi was updated


      So am I missing some other point that needs to be updated or is my mission futile?

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          Hi Johnny,


          Overall, we don't recommend making changes to the SQL Backend.  As you can imagine, this change is not as simple as changing the value of a single cell.  If you really want to preserve the old displayID, please feel free to create a case with Tech Support.


          A better solution is to change the URL links to use the display names instead of the DisplayIDs.  Starting in Coresight 2015, we enable linking to Processbook Imports using the Display name.  Here are some examples: PI Coresight - Opening an existing saved display.  While this solution is tedious as you have many Processbook displays, this is the more robust solution as it will prevent issues like a change in DisplayID from occurring again.



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