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Finding the total time when a filter condition is true, on-the-fly

Question asked by magnusst on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by Eugene Lee


I'm building a report with a table where I need to show the duration for when several conditions are true.

For Average-summaries of the same conditions, I can use FilteredSummaries(). But I cannot find a way summarize the time in the same way?


The TimeGT() methods are useful for summarizing time for a single PI point, but in my case I need it to support a conditional expression. It is not really an option to save the result of the condition to additional "temporary" PI points.

I have considered using EventFrames as well, but this approach would also require quite some overhead.


So is there a way to calculate the Duration for when a boolean condition is true, on-the-fly, using AFSDK?