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      Hello, my name is Nicole Rivers and I'm a Lead Customer Service Representative with the City of Riverside- Utilities Division. I'm excited to learn about PI and how it will enhance my job performance. It's nice to be apart of a community that inspires to learn, achieve and grow.

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          Hi Nicole, welcome to PI Square!  In additional to this helpful community and a wealth of history, there is a fantastic learning resource on YouTube that covers a plethora of topics regarding the PI System and how it is used in various industries.  Utilities is an Industry that the PI System is widely used in and as such, there are many use cases and presentation of how PI has been used to extract value.  But by all means throw your questions up here.  There are quite a few of us that have direct industry experience that likely have encountered issues you maybe facing.




          A nice use case here.  Power & Utilities - Williams Energy | Industry Presentation - PI System


          All conference presentations which you can filter by year and industry her also.  Presentations  

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