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    PI System Explorer trend bug?




      I accidently entered a future (end) date - 2099 instead of 2019 - in a PI System Explorer trend. The trend was never shown as PI System Explorer is no longer responding.

      I closed PI System Explorer through Windows Task Manager but when I restarted PI System Explorer again, the problem was still there.


      The trend doesn't come up as it seems to be in a 'loading' state. I waited for over 40 minutes but on the first click in PI System Explorer a pop-up arises with the question if I want to close or debug the program (seems like a Windows Message).


      Did anybody had this before? If so, how did you succeed in setting a new end date?


      Thanks in advance...



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          I was lucky find the solution myself:


          1) Close PI System Explorer

          2) Restart System Explorer

          3) The first element in your - last selected - model is selected. So no specific attribute is selected.

          4) Go to 'View' > 'Trend', an empty trend will be shown - so no attribute is shown - and this allows you to reset your end date - in my case 2099 - back to a normal one :-)


          Have a nice day...

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              Asle Frantzen

              Yes, the trends keep remembering the last used time periods.


              I normally just open a trend / time series data dialog for a static value (no time series), and then change the time range to *-8h or something, before I try reopening the attribute I want. Usually does the trick!

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              Hey Roy,


              Which version of PI System Explorer are you running? I just tried in PI System Explorer 2018 and I can't reproduce your issue:


              (notice the 2099 timestamp at the bottom right).


              Where you trending 1 attribute that has a PI Point data reference? Or were you trending an attribute with a different type of data reference?