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    Data Reference - AF Transformer


      Hello all!

      It's possible to change attribute data reference in a element using AF Transformer?

      I'm trying to set some values using string builder and i couldn't found in documentation how to do this.

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          James Devine

          Hi Douglas:

          I am not familiar with 'AF Transformer'. Perhaps you are referring to the PI Builder plugin for excel? I think what you are looking for is some guidance with substitution syntax. This OSIsoft Library Link here will get you some basics to start with.

          If you have an element called "MyElementABC" and you use a substitution syntax of %Element%andAWholeLotMore you will have a resulting string of "MyElementABCandAWholeLotMore".

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            Hey Douglas,


            I added a comment on the PI Developers Club blog post on the AF Transformer utility: Welcome to our newest utility: AF Transformer on your behalf. I'm not sure if it's possible to change the data reference i the target system.



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              Hi Douglas,


              I asked my colleague to check into the code.   He wrote back:


              Right now there is no support for creating data references. You can assign to specific attribute other's attribute data reference but not creating data reference from scratch.In the code - it is possible to define DataReference in Attribute configuration but it is not bound to AFWriter yet, i.e. the AFWriter does not know what to do with it.

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