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How to count changes of state and to record de duration of these states?

Question asked by ccastro on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by ccastro

Hello PI Friends.


I have some devices in remotes places that are to comunicating data in a real time. Sporadically, the comunication with these devices is loose. I have, for each of these device a tag that is read while the comunication is stablishment. When the comunication is looses, this attribute is in badval state.
I need count the number of comunication looses per day, week and month, and the duration of each of these looses in order to take statitics like the average of comunication loose time.


I was make some test with EventCount function, but i can not get my target.

In the next example y have 15 counted events at the last 4 hours but the number of comunications looses is 8. In this sense, wold be interesting to record the duration of each microcut. Any idea?



Thank you for your help!