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Building Advanced Displays with PI ProcessBook Online Course Reminder - Welcome to Week 1

Question asked by Octopian on Sep 25, 2018


Today we begin our 3-week course on Building Advanced Displays with PI ProcessBook Online Course. Please look out for a personal e-mail from your course facilitator later today with more information.

Since your time is valuable and not everyone has the same availability, our online courses are primarily self-paced. There are no live components to this course, nor are there any mandatory login hours. All of the course materials (video lectures, exercises, and final project) are available 24/7 on the PI Square Community, specifically in the Learn PI subspace for this course –

In general, we recommend spending the first week watching the video lectures and learning the general concepts. Week 2 should be used to gain hands-on experience by completing the course exercises. Then in the final week, we encourage you to apply your new knowledge and skills to complete a final project. The final project must be submitted before the deadline specified by the course facilitator, at the beginning of your course.

Before you start this course, please take a minute to introduce yourselves on the discussion forums in the course's space so your fellow learners and facilitator can get to know you better. Additionally, if you have any questions throughout the course, please ask them in the discussion forums so everyone in the course may benefit and chime in with their own thoughts\experiences.

Again, the course materials can be found here -

If your course comes with an accompanying Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), your facilitator will send you instructions on how to access your virtual machines shortly.

Welcome and we hope you enjoy this course!