PI ProcessBook 2012

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PI ProcessBook 2012 is now available in the Download Center!


The PI ProcessBook release is based on version 3.2. functionality, has several bug fixes and includes the following new feature enhancements:

  • Element relative displays (ERDs) can be created using AF elements that switch data context within a given display. This functionality replaces the module relative display (MRD) add-in from previous releases. If the Asset subsystem of the PI Server has been used to migrate the Module Database to an AF database, then existing MRD displays will automatically be upgraded to use the appropriate AF elements by the ERD add-in. The MRD add-in is removed by default on upgraded systems.

  • New collaboration features allow you to communicate with other users from within PI ProcessBook. A list of subscribers to a PI Notification can be listed and contacted using Office Communicator (version 2005 or 2007). Using the Communicator technology, a user can email, instant message or see a phone number for Contacts. The specific features are dependent on the Communicator version and configuration. In addition, a screen capture of the active display can be taken and emailed in one step using the Contact list, using Microsoft Outlook. The collaboration functionality requires that Office Communicator or Lync is installed on your computer and you are logged in to it.

  • Playback functionality has been added to support users who troubleshoot problems by replaying events. A toolbar provides the ability to playback a time period within a display.  This feature helps you analyze conditions in a plant during a specific time frame. This toolbar has been enhanced to provide more time navigation functionality, including the ability to synchronize time across open displays.

  • The Bar symbol now supports a numeric scale. 

See the Release Notes for additional information.