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Trying to create AF systems behind load balancer, but must manually create DB.

Question asked by CarlB on Oct 3, 2018
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We're attempting to set up two AF systems behind a network load balancer. However, we must manually create the database as there is an existing PIFD database on this SQL Server instance.


We manually created a new database for the first AF instance with a unique name (PIAFD),  but I'm at a loss as to how we would create the PIFD_Distribution database manually. Once we've got that figured out, what, if anything do we have to do to get both AF instances working correctly?


If I'm reading the sys admins log correctly, he did the following:

- Manually created the PIAFD database on our SQL Cluster

- Installed PI AF on the first server afserver1.

- Updated the connection string on afserver1.

- Installed PI AF on the second server afserver2.

- Updated the connection strong on afserver2.


We can connect to afserver1 just fine, but afserver2 prompts for a login. This is when I discovered the PIFD_Distribution database needs to be created.