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    EventFrame StartTime value in End Trigger


      Hi All


      I would like to check if there is any feasibility in AF EventFrames where we can use StartTime of Event Frame to determine in the End Trigger .



      StartTrigger : TagValue > 100

      EndTrigger : TagValue <=100 And (Int(*)- Int(EventFrame('StartTime'))) > 100 ( seconds)




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          Dan Fishman

          Unfortunately, that method will not work. You probably have seen a number of alternatives to obtain the start time such as using an analysis (duplicate logic in an anlaysis), using PI OLEDB Enterprise with a tablelookup, or using a custom data reference.

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            Hello, i think that it can to work with TimeStamp and PreVal functions if this are composed.

            The expression  could be:


            EndTrigger : TagValue <=100 And (Int(*)- Int(TimeStamp(PreVal('TagValue', *)))) > 100 ( seconds)

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              Hi Lal,


              I am not sure but from the logic you have written, it looks like you are trying to see if the End Trigger (TagValue <=100) is "True For" more than 100 seconds, which is available for "Start Trigger". It comes handy when the data hovers just above "Start Trigger" condition and can fluctuate creating multiple Event Frames.


              Or are you trying to capture Event Frames, which have duration over 100 seconds?


              Depending on these above assumptions, I guess you can achieve it by following the steps below.

              1. Set "True For" in Start Trigger so that it avoids duplicate Event Frames

              2. Modify the "End Trigger" to check if the Tag Value is below the limit and also it has stayed below the limit for set amount of time (say 100 seconds in your case)

              3. Set Event Frame Analysis to "Periodic" (1 second)




              Not sure if this meets your requirement, but this was as close as I could get using existing features.


              Else, as Dan Fishman mentioned you may have to find alternative way to do this.



              Jaison Rodrigues

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