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    PI process book




      I have a tag number, i would like to make calculation hourly ave, daily total and percentage of design.

      i did try do it in data set but fail, it may due to my understanding on how to create it...need help and guide


      I am using PI 2015, how to make nice table in the process book,



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          Mallesh Giduthuri

          Hi Abdul,


          Please refer below PI Square link to perform calculations on PI processbook.

          Performing Calculations on a Dataset




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            Hi Abdul,


            Are you able to use AF analyses? We recommend those over the use of datasets for many reasons, including performance, functionality, scalability, and the calculation not being locked into that display but being available across the entire PI system.



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              Hi Abdul


              As @Kelsey Duffy suggested I would recommend AF analysis over datasets. You can create attributes and map output from analysis to attributes. If you are using PI vision then recommend PI table which has columns that calculate Average, Maximum, Minimum, StdDev,Range etc.


              Another option in AF : Create child attribute and map to original PI Point(parent attribute) and in settings select by Time Range (Average, Total, Maximum, Minimum) and it will calculate based not the time period selected by the client.




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