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Unable to locate and connect PI System Directory Endpoint

Question asked by Satish_Penmetsa on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by RohitRai

I set up a System Directory, and I am trying to use the PI Directory Publisher. Currently receiving these errors:

From the Publisher:

The PI System Directory Publisher is not configured for a valid PI Directory.


When I try to override the url:

Unable to locate and connect PI System Directory


I have verified that I am setting the correct path by using the path to access a blank directory through the browser.


What's more confusing is that I used to receive a 401 err from the publisher, saying I don't have authorization.


Any documentation or help would be greatly appreciated. The only other information I can offer is that I am using a self signed cert, not sure if that is relevant.


The end goal is to switch the auth for publisher to basic, and allow myself access via a rest API.