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Parent EventFrames and the Integrator for BA: which event is the parent?

Question asked by Roger Palmen on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by JimGavigan

This is a bit of a mixed bag of issues. I use Analytics to generate EventFrames, and i use multiple Start triggers. In that case, when the trigger switches from one Severity to the next, a Parent EventFrame is started spanning and parenting all Child EventFrames for the individual triggers.

When these EventFrames are exported to a SQLserver table using the Integrator both the Parent and the Child EventFrames end up in my results, and there is no way to keep them apart, leading to duplicate counts in the application using them.


  • The EventFrames do not have any means to indicate if the EventFrame has children or not
  • I can't think of a way to create an attribute to find if an EventFrame has children (or a parent for that matter). If i could, i could use that attribute to filter the view
  • There are no options to discriminate between parent and child eventframes in the Integrator, so cannot solve the issue in the integrator



I resorted to splitting the Analysis to avoid the parent EventFrame, So not really looking for a solution, but:

  1. Anyone an idea on how to resolve this with the current capabilities of AF (2017R2) & Integrator (2018)? Did i overlook a way to accomplish this in either AF or the Integrator?
  2. Where would the best place be to improve? Should be have more capabilties on multi-level EventFrames in the Integrator or in AF or both? I have a slight preference to look for more configurability of the Parent/Child functionality in Analytics, as that would tackle the problem where it is created.


I did find some feedback items on the topic though, which could be a solution:

PI AF - Child Event Frames using different template to parent – User Feedback for OSIsoft Products

Allow different naming for Parent and Child Event Frames – User Feedback for OSIsoft Products