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PISDK, PIBatch, any news of PIBatchDB.Search(sql-like query) ?

Question asked by GuillaumeBOURSIER2 on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by GuillaumeBOURSIER2

Hello PISquare community,

I'm searching for a way to query PIBatches, using criteria on custom properties, without PI-OLEDB: only PISDK.

In the documentation :

Batch Database

- I found the methods Server.PIBatchDB.PIBatchSearch, that is working fine on common properties (begin, end, etc...) but not on custom ones.

- Also I found this very interesting methods: Server.PIBatchDB.Search(query), but documentation says:

The SQL-like method, PIBatchDB.Search, will be supported in a future release

Do anyone have news about how to use it, if available ?


Regards, guys.