PI Programming 101

Discussion created by RyanBrown on May 2, 2012
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Okay so I've dealt with a lot of PI technologies in the past but have to admit that I've just recently started getting into the PI SDK. I didn't have that option before in my development career.


So I've been downloading various things trying to find simple examples and been a bit frustrated ( perhaps I've been looking in the wrong place ). I develop in C# but most of the examples I find are in VB. Not a big deal as I can kind of translate it but I've found some of the items to be dated.


What I am hoping to do by end of next week time permitting is to post a simple code sample of using the PISDK. I know that a lot of people here are very skilled in what they do but I think there are also people here who are just getting started and trying to make sense of all these complicated discussions that are taking place.


I'll make my code as simple as I can and start from the very basic. I am only going to do console applications to begin with as I don't want to focus on all these buttons and text fields that I find in the tutorials.


Disclaimer: I can't promise my code will be the best but I'm hoping that others with more insight will comment on it and we can learn as we go along. It's not about knowing everything but more about learning so that's why I want to do it.


Be interested before hand to know if anyone is interested in this or would I just be posting to experts who already know this stuff?


Just a thought.. don't be shy to post back