Start and End time irregularities using PI WebServices over two seperate Servers

Discussion created by chris_capula on May 3, 2012
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Hello All,


I was just wondering whether anybody else has come across the following issue as well, or if anyone has a good explanation as to why it may be happening and a possible work around.


Set Up: I have two serperate networks setup, which are effectivly mirroring each other. Both compramise of 2 Windows 2003 Servers, running PI Server 3.4.380 on one machine, and AF + PIWebServices, on the other. One network, which we shall call Network 1, is running on an esxi server with virtual machines, and the other (network 2) is running on Mac Server running 2 virtual machines.


End User Scenario:  I have a Silverlight application taking data from PI using PIWebServices 2010 R2 via an AF string, Using the GetPIArchive method. The problem arrises where I have to set the time range, and have a start time and end time. The application uses two date pickers to allow the user to pick a start and end date to retrieve values for.


The Issue: Connectiong to the first (Network 1), it works fine, the values are retrieved and there are no problems. However, when connectiong to the second network (Network 2), I get an error from the application in the Reference.cs file saying 'The Remote Server Returned an Error: Not Found". This issue becomes more apparent in that when connecting to the second network, if I use a PI date format, eg "*-90d" and "*" instead of the declaring dates, such as from the datepicker, it works and I retrieve the values absolutly fine. Both enviornments seem to have the same setup also.


Has anybody come across this before? or have a explanation as to why this is happening?


Many Thanks