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    Tags Displayed "Configure"


      All my PI Tags in my processbook displayed "Configure" please assist me with tips on how I should resolve this issue? I checked the server connection to the PC and there was nothing wrong with it.

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          Hi Paul


          Tags showing "Configure" is related to tag configuration issue. Either instrument tag configured in tag is not available and tag is not collecting data.Hence writing digital state "Configure".


          e.g. OPC bad quality states : KB01298 - Troubleshooting bad quality data


          You may need to contact PI admin team to check issue with tag configuration.




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            Hi Paul,


            Did you check if the values are available on the PI Data Archive? If the tags have value as "Configure", this is the issue at the PI Data Archive and not at the client (PI Processbook). You may have to fix your tag data first before reading the values in your ProcessBook. "Configure" can be written to PI tags due to tag mis-configuration. If you are receiving data from an OPC Server, then configuring the tag with incorrect Instrument Tag that is not available on OPC Server can cause this.


            InstrumentTag attribute of  PI tag should match the ItemID of the OPC Item on the OPC Server. Use OPC Client on your Interface node to connect to OPC Server to get correct Item ID and configure the tags accordingly. It can also cause if there is an issue with your OPC Server. Hope these tips help you.



            Jaison Rodrigues