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Insufficient version of PI OLEDB Enterprise detected.

Question asked by RichHauser on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by RichHauser

Hello,  When I run the query listed below I get the error:

OLE DB provider "PIOLEDBENT" for linked server "LINKEDAF" returned message "[PI SQL (AF) Service] Insufficient version of PI OLEDB Enterprise detected. Please upgrade to execute the query.  Minimum required version is PI OLEDB Enterprise 2017 R2.".


When I remove the reference to Data.EventFrameSnapshot and the associated fields the query runs to completion.


Seems like the error may be a false response as I can run other queries and that there's merely something wrong with my syntax.  Can anyone confirm or point out the issue in my syntax?


The environment is PI OLEDB Enterprise 2016 R2 and PI Server 2018 on a single node.


Thanks in advance!  I am new to PI.



SELECT event_frame_template_id

















'SELECT as event_frame_template_id,

ef.ID as event_frame_id,

ef.Name as event_frame_name,

ef.StartTime as event_frame_start_dtm,

ef.EndTime as event_frame_end_dtm, as attribute_name,

efs.Value as attribute_value,

efs.ValueInt as attribute_value_int,

efs.ValueDbl as attribute_value_dbl,

efs.ValueStr as attribute_value_str,

efs.ValueGuid as attribute_value_guid,

efs.ValueDateTime as attribute_value_dtm,

efs.Status as status,

efs.Isgood as is_good,

efs.Questionable as questionable,

efs.Substituted as substituted

FROM [CM].EventFrame.EventFrameTemplate eft

INNER JOIN [CM].EventFrame.EventFrame ef

  ON ef.EventFrameTemplateID = eft.ID

INNER JOIN [CM].EventFrame.EventFrameAttribute efa

  ON efa.EventFrameID = ef.ID

INNER JOIN [CM].Data.EventFrameSnapshot efs

  ON efs.EventFrameAttributeID = efa.ID

WHERE eft.Name LIKE ''Fault%''

  AND ef.Name LIKE ''%''

  AND ef.StartTime BETWEEN ''*-1h'' AND ''*''