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    Variable for a Binary Attribute


      I need to create an expression to capture when a binary attribute is false for greater than 120 secs.  And I’m new to this but I’m sure it’s simple! Please help!

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          John Messinger

          Hi Nicole,


          Assuming you are using AF Expression analysis and want to get a True/False result from your expression, I would use the following:


          TimeEQ('Attribute','*-2m','*',"False") = 120


          The TimeEQ function returns the amount of time (in seconds) that the passed in attribute is equal to the specified value. I've used "False" as the reference value in the example above, but if your binary value is 0 or 1 then just change the comparison value to 0 instead of the "False" string value. The expression above will return a True or False result rather than the amount of time.


          The expression (or just the function parameters) may need to be modified if you are looking for a greater time range in which to test the binary attribute value. If this solution doesn't do what you want, please provide some additional context around what you want to do to help with refining the answer.

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