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Set EF start/end time based on PI tag value

Question asked by narburgh on Oct 16, 2018
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I have a process where I need to manually add batch context to my PI data. What I am thinking about doing is using PI manual logger to have the operator/scientist go in and write a batch start time to a start_time tag and write the end time to an end_time tag. This can be done immediately or retroactively. Is there a way to create an EF that captures data from start_time to end_time? I need to set the EF start time based on actual PI tag value and also set the EF end time based on an actual PI tag value but not sure if this is possible. I can't do it based on a new value of start_time because the operator may go enter the start time several hours after the actual start. I'm also open to ideas of better ways to implement this with PI ML and AF/EF.


Sarah Narburgh