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    I need ASME Steam Tables to use with my software!


      Hello Experts,


      This is Mir Usman Amjad, I look after the domain of advance engineering solutions including the process engineering calculations for multiple power plants as one of critical tasks of this domain. I develop their performance models and energydashboard for real time monitoring and analysis. To do this, I need steam tables to perform detailed heat & mass balance to generate multiple KPIs for plants. I am searching for ASME Steam Tables so that I can use and integrate them with my software to calculate the required properties of steam & water using the field instrument values of pressure & temperature. There are many offline software that give steam & water properties but they all work in offline mode like a standard tool for offline values check. What I need is that a steam table property package which is able to integrate with the databases or other archiving software.


      For example Rockwell's FactoryTalk Historian or OSISoft PI has built in ASME Steam Tables. I used them in many projects that I did for power plants. Right now the requirement is different and I want to do the same with my software and use ASME’s steam tables with my software to generate the required steam & water properties. Can anyone help how can I do it and from can I get these?