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RDBMS does the 'LIKE' clause for sql work in the Exdesc making a tag?

Question asked by W@d3 on Oct 23, 2018
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     I have a particular group of values that go together.


     On a column named 'Data description' the row will contain a value that will have the characters 'Gaps' in it, followed by some arbitrary numbers.


     I'm trying to use the sql 'LIKE' clause to pick out all the rows whose value contains the word ''Gaps" in the value.


     I try to use the % SQL wild card.


     The query below is working on the source SQL database.


     Why is it not working in the PI Exdesc when I make the tag?


     It is meant to be a multirow query.


     I have location1 = 1.




     /SQL="SELECT CONCAT('Data description:',[Data description],' Timestamp:',[Timestamp],' Value:',[Value]) AS PI_VALUE,[Timestamp] AS PI_TIMESTAMP, 0 AS PI_STATUS FROM [SupervisorDB].[dbo].[View_RealTimeData_KILN_1]  WHERE [Timestamp] > '2018-10-23 11:15:00.227' AND [Data Description] LIKE 'Gaps%';"


Why is this query working on the source machine, but not in PI?