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Table lookup for PI Point not working when using AF SDK

Question asked by JasonRust on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by gregor

Hi, I have a template set up that populates the PI Point using a table reference lookup.  In PI System Explorer the PI Point looks fine and when I check the table that is used for the lookup the value that is supposed to be interpolated is present.  However, when I use the SDK to retrieve the AF Attribute "DataReference.PIPoint" it throws a PIPointNotFound exception and a message that "server\MANHOLE_%@MH Number%_VELOCITY" is not found.


The strange thing is that 10 of my assets work just fine with the correct, interpolated PI Point coming back.  The other 3 exhibit this error where, for any tag under the asset, the MH_Number variable is not being interpolated when requested by the SDK.  I've checked permissions and double-checked the table lookup and found nothing. Any ideas?