PISDK Error with EventPipeMgr

Discussion created by MaxStrueverWipro on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by Ahmad Fattahi

We have an application that dynamically needs to add and remove PI tags to an eventPipe for monitoring. 


After the recommendation from this thread, we implemented one eventPipe for the whole application rather than one eventPipe per tag. This means a fair amount of AddSignup and removeSignUp calls


Lately, tons (every 2 minutes) of PISDK errors are showing up in the Windows Event viewer with the application running.  The error only has a source of "PISDK" and a description of "Timed out waiting for the mutex lock for EventPipeMgr"


I only notice this recently, the application hadn't had any errors like this before. The only change that I can think of that may have affect this is that I put a lock() on an object for the PISDK to make sure any PISDK operations are only handled in one thread.


This error is being written by the PISDK, not my application. 


Where should I be looking in my code to solve this problem; in my AddSignUp, RemoveSignUp or New Event Received functions?


Thank you