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Create a formula that utilizes Abs, Convert, TimeGE

Question asked by SReivenhart on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by rdavin

I'm trying to figure out how I can create a formula using all three functions and provide an explanation to what the formula is doing and what the result will be used for. So far this is what I came up with, but I'm struggling to use the function TimeGE - any suggestions?



I tried another way and this is my result. I'm not sure if the output value is correct though.


This is the summary I came up with:

Calculates the difference between DCT3LS and DCT3RS. If the value is less than 100, it is converted to degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the formula determines the total time in the past 3 hours when DCT3LS was greater than or equal to DCT3RS at 8AM today. The formula is still comparing both attributes but only converts the temperature to Celsius if the difference is less than the specified number provided. If not, the formula identifies that DCT3LS was, at some point, equal to or greater than DCT3RS but doesn’t specify how large or small the difference in temperatures were; it specifies the timeframe the temperatures were equal or disparate, in seconds.


The output value can be used to determine the temperature difference between DCT3LS and DCT3RS in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit.