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Equivalent code in ??  like: =PIAdvCalcFilVal('TagName',"*-1d","*","'TagName'=0","count","time-weighted","compressed","10m",0,1,0,"\\piServerName")    *excel data-link*

Question asked by DanielPesch on Oct 25, 2018
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Equivalent code in ??  like:


  *excel data-link*     =PIAdvCalcFilVal('TagName',"*-1d","*","'TagName'=0","count","time-weighted","compressed","10m",0,1,0,"\\piServerName") 

or  =PIAdvCalcVal('TagName',"*","*-10d","count","event-weighted",0,1,0,"\\piServerName")


There are a number of data link function like this. Are they available with AF SDK?


If so where can I find examples?

Thanks, Daniel