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SELECT statement problem with PI Interface for RDBMS

Question asked by Tomas Stark Champion on Oct 30, 2018
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we have a database with manually entered data from roundings.


The value column is of type NVARCHAR, which is not supported by the RDBMS interface, so we do a CAST to VARCHAR in the SQL statement.


The target PI Point is of type FLOAT32.


Since the values may sometimes be non-numeric (as in the example below), we check for ISNUMERIC = 1.


We only want to read the last written value to the RDBMS, so we have set LOCATION2 to 0 and specify ORDER BY res_date DESC in the SQL statement.


Everything seems to work fine, except that the value received for 18-10-30 09:20 will be truncated to 0. So it seems the interface can not identify the decimal point and convert from VARCHAR to FLOAT32 for some reason. We have tried to do a CAST to DECIMAL, FLOAT etc, but this will not be accepted by the ODBC 13 driver.


Values in the RDBMS:

181030 Skärmklipp - värden.jpg

We have also tried to set LOCATION2 to 1, and then all rows will be fetched as expected. But the values will all be truncated.


181030 Skärmklipp - location.jpg


SELECT res_date, CAST(resultat AS VARCHAR), 0 FROM [cwd_prod_ny].[dbo].[viewResultat] WHERE todo_jobbid = ? AND ISNUMERIC(resultat) = 1 ORDER BY res_date DESC;


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