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count time spent above a threshold

Question asked by a00224 on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by Roger Palmen

I apologize for this very basic question.  I am working to create a timer that will count the amount of time that a tag is greater than 90'F and below 92'F.  what function do I use to count the amount of hours that the tag value exceeds this threshold? for instance, my equipment cannot run more than 96 hours per year if the temperature of the product exceeds 90', and cannot run at all above 92', unless another piece of equipment is out of service or the product input temperature is above 76'F.  I have been using PI System Explorer Analysis, and this is my best effort thus far:


IF(Outlet>90 and Outlet<92 and Inlet<76)

then TagTot(Outlet,yearday(1),yearday('*'))




but of course, TagTot is meant to give time weighted average of the value of the tag, and I only want the time that the value is above the threshold.