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    SAP HANA Cloud Integrator



      Has anyone implemented the SAP HANA Integrator with a HANA Cloud deployment vs an onsite HANA deployment? 

      Curious if you had any issues with integration, or issues with the Cloud part.  My question is since an integrator I'm dealing with says the Cloud based HANA is different than an onsite implementation and to make sure if the Integrator supports such.




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          Hi, Jared.

          I'm not sure about a direct ODBC connection, but I seem to remember if you use the DP Agent (with the IoT Integrator) to connect to HANA, then the DP Agent has an option for HANA Cloud.  I'm not sure what testing has been done this though.  Here is a link to the HANA Integrator documentation (specifically on architecture).  You might try passing this on to your SAP contacts to see what they think.

          I'll also copy a few of the OSI Integrator folks for they're thoughts: Laura Posner, Weikang Sun, Lok Shun Ko, Joy Wang

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              Looks like this got handled directly via a Tech Support case so I wanted to post some of that info for the benefit of others:

              "The PI Integrator for SAP HANA doesn’t support the SAP HANA Cloud version. However, it’s possible to send data to SAP HANA Cloud by installing and configuring SAP HANA Cloud Connector on the PI Integrator for SAP HANA machine.

              The SAP HANA Cloud Connector is an SAP product and it would need to be installed on the node where you intend to install the PI Integrator for SAP HANA... some info on installing the Connector from SAP: SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector setup for secure on-premise connectivity."

              I also found some further instructions in another case that could be helpful:

              "...using HANA Cloud, customer will need to follow these steps to configure the target:

              1. Install PI Integrator for SAP HANA 2017
              2. Install SAP JVM 8 (prerequisite for HANA Cloud Connector)
              3. Install HANA Cloud Connector
              4. Configure a Service Channel on the SAP Cloud side
              5. Configure (ODBC) target using <Cloud_connector_host>:<local_HANA_port> in the connection string"
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