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    Data Structuration


      Hello All

      Building an equipment centric hierarchy of PI AF elements, pumps, valves, ..., for driving CBM activities, and we also want to draw Process Books Graphical displays supported by AF elements (AF2, ERD). Most of process books are replicating DCS views and are therefore very much process function oriented (they display the data useful for the function which involve 4 to 10 equipment). The question is are we going  to reuse the CBM hierarchy to build the process books or are we going to design new AF templates - process function oriented - and create new elements in a new branch ? I am wondering how you have managed to solve a similar situation. Thanks,. Philippe

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          Eugene Lee

          If you would like to have two views of the same assets, one way is that you can use weak references for one view and strong references for the other view. In your case, you can have strong references for your equipment centric hierarchy while grouping those equipment under the relevant process using the process as the parent element with the equipment as weak references of the process element.

          See the link below for more details

          PI Server


          On another note, have you considered using PI Vision (our latest and greatest visualization tool) rather than Processbook since I get the impression that this is a new project and so you should start on PI Vision instead of using Processbook which is in maintenance mode (no more new features).

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              Thanks for your reply

              We will use the weak reference functionality as much as reasonably practicable as we foresee limitations to leverage Element Relative Display for graphics displaying attributes from a hierarchy of elements. Sounds not possible to build the graphics once and duplicate them if the attributes belong to a hierarchy designed with weak reference child elements ( naming ).

              Still using Process book to gain time in the implementation phase and using Vision to distribute the graphics to users. Looking forward to PI Vision enhancement