Final Project details and discussion

Discussion created by aredding on Nov 1, 2018

Hi everyone!


The final project should contain a few screenshots and a brief description of what the Asset Framework structure will be used for, and to highlight at least one part of the hierarchy that works really well.  The final project should also highlight how a few of the following features are utilized:

  • Templates.  If appropriate, it’d be great to see Derived Templates as well.
  • Viewing hierarchy by Element Template or by Element Category.
  • Attribute Categories.
  • Table Lookup data reference.
  • String Builder data reference.
  • Child Attributes.
  • Enumeration Sets.
  • Viewing Attribute data using PI System Explorer’s Trend / Time Series Data features.


To clarify, only a few of the above features are expected in the final project, and not all of them.  Answers to exercises are also not needed for the final project.


Additional information is optional, and can include the following:

  • Steps for how to efficiently create the AF hierarchy and quickly connect to existing PI Point data, so that co-workers can learn and repeat the steps
  • Feedback regarding the course, and what was most helpful or exciting
  • Future plans and project ideas for PI Asset Framework.


Format: People generally submit the project as a PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft Word, or .PDF document. It would also be okay to simply place the content into an e-mail.


Due date:  Please note the final project is due by 3 PM Eastern (12 PM Pacific) on Friday, November 9.


Office hours:  During the third week (November 5 - 9), I will be hosting offices hours to answer any questions you may have about the exercises or final project. Please contact me via Skype-for-Business instant messaging, the PI Square discussion forum, or e-mail.  These will be held at the following times:


  • Office hours:  November 5 - 9,  11:30 AM – 2:30 PM Eastern (8:30 – 11:30 AM Pacific)
  • NOTE:  Please feel free to submit questions before 11:30 AM Eastern through the discussion forum or e-mail, and I will pick them up at the beginning of office hours.


I trust everyone is learning a lot and enjoying seeing all the great progress in PI Asset Framework!  Have a great week and weekend!


Best regards,