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Performance of Performance Equation

Question asked by on Nov 2, 2018
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In my company, we are using Performance equation to calculate lots of emission data result. We have created a .NET program to do the calculation. We have used PISDK.IPICalculation to create the object to conduct the recalculation. However, after using this, the result will be stored in the .NET variable and then we UpdateValue function to update the value back to the PE tag. Is there any way to solely call a recalculate function to recalculate the equation in the PE tag and the result will be directly stored in the PE tags. It seems looping the data result and send back the data to the PI server takes lots of time and network overhead.


In addition, is there any code sample using the PIAsyncStatus? I also see a function called UpdatedValues to update the tag values. Is there any code sample?


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