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      Hi everbody,

      I am doing an analizes about counter of skips of mining. I have signal about total counter, and I want to divided the counter for two parts.

      For example the signal of total counter its has next picture

      The part of my analizes is


      The code of my counter is :


      if (Breset = 1 and Contcambia=false)=true then TagVal('Conteo_Skip_PMP_Nivel_cNV3940','*')=0

      else if Rnivel3940 =true and Contcambia =true then tagVal('Conteo_Skip_PMP_Nivel_cNV3940','*') +1 else tagVal('Conteo_Skip_PMP_Nivel_cNV3940','*')

      I wonder if someone could help me about thee problem shown in red.

      The signal total counter is zero, but in my analizes is to a or 1