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    PI Analysis in Warning


      Is there a PI Performance monitor point for monitoring Analysis in WARNING? I know there is one for Analysis in Error "SERVERNAME_PI Analysis Service_Analyses in Error" but I'd also like to monitor analysis that are in Warning for any reason. When we reboot our server we have a random amount of analysis that won't restart for various reasons. I'd like to know when they are in warning so I can address them. As it stands now, I have to remember to go into Asset Framework and search them out and stop and restart them, or troubleshoot what broke.

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          Hi Joel


          I don’t think we have a counter for warning.


          Please find the list of analysis counters available.


          PI Server


          I would also request you to logon to the server where analysis is install add and check directly for PI AF analysis counters in Performance counters(windows)




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              Yeah, I looked through the list on the server. I was mostly asking in case I didn't recognize the name.

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                  Hello Joel,

                  There is no performance counters for the number of analyses in warning.


                  The analyses in warning are written to the log file located in %ProgramData%Osisoft\AnalyticsNotifications\Logs.


                  In the 2018 SP2 release of the AF SDK due out in a few months, the status of analyses will be exposed. Consequently, you could write a simple app (PowerShell, C#, etc...) to automatically retrieve the number of analyses in warning.