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    Define processbook entry as Link/OS Command


      I  have an existing processbook, for some of the entry I need to link to external *.pdi


      After I save the processbook, the links remain as link to the location where I defined in the link/os command.


      Is there a way to save all the external *.pdi within the processbook and get rid of the link to the specified location of the drive.


      Or is there a way copy all the contents on external *.pdi to a empty display page within processbook. How to implemement this by VB.net?





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          PI ProcessBook is supposed to use relativ paths, from the PB documentation:


          PB Manual

          Note: By default, ProcessBook attempts to open a linked display from its relative path first. If the relative path fails, then the absolute path is checked. Clearing the Use relative path check box reverses the order in which the paths are resolved. For new displays, this option is checked by default.



          You might want to check with techsupport if you experience a different behavior.