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From where does the timestamp origin

Question asked by ØysteinThorsen on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by gregor

The short question is: Where is the stored timestamp for a specific pi point generated?


A bit more explained, given an example.

PI system consists of Equipment/Sensor --> SCADA --> Interface --> PI Server/DA

The sensors measured data points are stored ass time series data in DA.

In this case, from where does the actual stored timestamp origin?


  1. Does the SCADA provide timestamp, sends the measured value with timestamp to interface and interface just transfers it to DA?
  2. Does the Interface receive the datapoint and somewhat appends the timestamp before sending to DA?
  3. Does DA receive the measured data, and append the timestamp when storing the data?
  4. Could it be a configurable combination of all of the above?


A not too scientific answer would be appreciated, if possible, as will have to translate explanaition to non-PI personnell