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OPC UA Connector Filter File to small

Question asked by PIAdminEnelGP on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by gmichaud-verreault

Hi all,


Im working with the OPC UA Connector and I configure it following the user Guide, everything seems fine as there is no problem with it. However when I try to create a Filter File this is very small.


Which has a name of PanamaSolar.MILTON

And a name space index of 2, so my connector looks like this.

When I push the "Export Available Type Definitions" it takes a while but it creates this filter file.

However I know that The connector filter file only shows you the available templates.


But why I can only see a few and inside for example CONVERSION_UNIT_002 (the first one on the filter file) I can only see

"AcqState","AcqStateString","Flag","FlagString","SCADAdescription","SCADApointer","SCADAseverity","SCADAstatus0", "SCADAstatus1", "SCADAtag", "SCADAtype", "SCADAuserinfo", "SCADAzone"


While I can see it has more tags and objects inside.


Now I see that the points created on my PI Server are all inside MILTON (in my case) however as the filter file is really small how can I tell the connector to stop receiving data from one node? For example in the last image we have ALARM_OIL_UNIT_001 what happen if I know this oil unit is wrong so I don't need to check it or have it connected to the server. I was imagining that on the filter file I could remove the object itself and not just the tags from them. If I manually delete the tags created on the PI Server and then stop and run the connector again, those this tags would be created again? Or how can I ask the connector for a more in depth filter so I can work with the file on excel and do this filtering easier?


Thanks AL.