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    Help - PI data link - Calc.


      Hello good afternoon.

      I would like to create a calculation via data link but I'm not able to finish it. can anybody help me? The situation is as follows:

      We have a TAG (TAG1) that returns which one particular shift letter was scaled and to work. I have another TAG (TAG2) that returns an actual density value of certain equipment. I would like to perform a calculation from an initial date to an end date in which I would return a value in hours that the (TAG1 = shift C) was TAG2> = 1.4 and <= 1.5. Is this calculation possible?

      Thank you very much in advance,


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          Steve Boyko

          Hello Verônica, it sounds like a Time Filtered equation should do what you want.


          For the expression, you will want to use something like:

          ('TAG1'="C") AND ('TAG2' >= 1.4) AND ('TAG2' <= 1.5)


          For the Time Filtered parameters, use that expression, fill in your start and end time, leave time interval blank and select "hours" for your time units.

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