New Video on a PI Vision Solution Released on the OSIsoft Learning YouTube Channel

Discussion created by jresnick on Nov 8, 2018

In an effort to highlight different ways that our customers can leverage our products to solve a problem, or have a smarter configuration, we are working to release more solution-type videos in addition to our standard feature-based videos on the OSIsoftLearning - YouTube channel.


Check out the new video on our channel to see how you can use collections to create multiple filters to limit your search results to relevant assets in your displays!



OSIsoft: PI Vision Alternative Context Switching with Collections and Multiple Filters - YouTube


If you have a clever way that you use PI Vision, or another product, at your company, and want us to feature it on our channel, then please reach out on our UserVoice Learning Page or email us at Learning@osisoft.com and make sure to put "YouTube Suggestion" in the subject line!