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    PI Analyses Stopped Working


      Hello, dear community.


      I’m currently facing a problem with PI Analytics. All my PI analyses stopped working and now I receive the following message:


      Failed to signup for any input for receiving updates.

      The type initializer for ‘OSIsoft.PI.Net.Connection’ threw an exception.

      Hope you can help me solve this issue.


      King regards,

      José Seminario.

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          Hi Jose


          Could you please check if analysis user id you are using has permission on PI Point(input) you are accessing? From the screen shot looks like except one analysis all are in error.




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            Hi Jose,


            Are those analysis were running fine earlier?


            As Lal said, It seems like a security issue.


            If you are using "Process/Service account" for the PI analysis then, please check the security mapping for that account as well as the security of the PI Point in the Data Archive server.


            If you are not using "Process/Service account" for the PI analysis then, please check the trust whether the analysis engine has proper access to the Data Archive server.


            Note: PI trust is not recommended option to provide security for the PI Analysis.




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              Hi Jose,


              Authentication may be the issue here as mentioned by Lal and Nav.


              Something handy to know is how to consult the Analysis logs. We've recently created this video on Youtube:


              OSIsoft: Troubleshooting Analysis When Outputting Calc Failed (AF 2018) - YouTube


              The issue isn't the same as yours, but you can see where the logs are located and how to enable a higher debugging level to figure out the root cause of your issue.


              We also have this information in our live library:


              PI Server


              Hope this helps with this issue and other issues you may face in the future !




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                So this issue had a very simple answer.

                My AF server rebooted and then what I described happened.


                Not sure why but restarting the PI analysis service restored everything back to normal.


                Thank you for your responses and sorry for the silly question.

                PS: got scared because I thought It had something to do with AF SDK.