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Timezone / DST conversion into UTC

Question asked by ØysteinThorsen on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by ØysteinThorsen

As read I understand the PI DA is storing timestamps as UTC.


My question is when and where are the timestamps converted from local time zone, and perhaps DST time into UTC?

Does that happen in the interface before sending the data to PI DA, or does DA receive a local time from the interface and makes the neccesary  conversions itself before storing the timestamp?

Or alternatively, could it be a configurable option, where you choose how it is done?


A follow up question is regarding the PItoPI interface: The user guide says "......These timestamps may be adjusted to account for time zone differences and clock drift between PI Servers......."

Since the PI servers store UTC time, why would there be need for adjusting for timezone differences when UTC time should be the same across all time zones?

Will the interface read the UTC time from source server and convert to local time for the interface node before either converting back to UTC and send to receiving server, or sending it's local timestamp to the receiving server, which will have to convert back to UTC?