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PI Vision R Plots?

Question asked by matt.inglis on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by LalBabuShaik

After reading many articles, inspired by the White Paper on "Integrating PI System with R" Created by Marcos Vainer Loeff (Does anyone have the original GitHub files?, its disappeared and i have been trying to reconstruct it).


I have been trying to implement R in PI Vision, I can pull the information in using the AF SDK, i can evaluate data using the R dot net libraries, however i am struggling to render the plot to an SVG.


Is there a better way of doing this other than the whitepaper?


Using the examples referenced in the white paper, i constructed a web api, however whenever i call the engine.install on the R engine i get null exceptions because everything inside the GraphicsContext is null, the GraphicsContext is provided by the R dot Net Graphics library so i am a bit lost...