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    Delayed PI Notification




      We have an even frame that is being generated whenever a value crosses a certain threshold.

      The event frame was triggered at 10:30 AM however the notification for the same was triggered at a different time (2:39 PM).



      What could cause this delay of 4 hours?

      Issue observed with only one instance. The notification worked fine post this occurrence.




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          Hi Prabhat


          Request you to check the timelag of your analysis in Management -->right click --> View Analysis Service Statictics --> Service Details --> Evaluation Statistics--> CurrentLag. If AF Analysis is talking more time then notifications will be delayed. You can also check Notification logs for additional information on the server




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            Dan Fishman

            One possibility, would be automatic back-filling after an analysis service restart. You can check the event logs to see if analysis service restarted and if recalculations took place. I don't think this is a lag issue as it has only occurred once.  My understanding is that OSIsoft product team wants to let you know that an event occurred, even if it has occurred in the past.  A fairly safe approach, which means you will not miss alerts.  Another possibility, for event trigger event frames is that the data was buffered was buffered and everything worked as it should! 


            Additionally, if you want dig deeper, I would recommend using PI System Builder to view the event frame and look at the "CreationDate".  The "ModifyDate" property probably won't be as useful since it likely will be the time of the last annotation since annotations modifications on the EF are tracked by the ModifyDate property. The creation date might shed light into what actually took place during evaluation of the event frame.

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              Hi Prabhat,


              Which version are you running? As of 2017 R2, we have a recalculation folder that can be accessed from the Management tab in PSE:




              Was there an autobackfilling taking place at the time the Notification was sent?


              Something else to look at is the CreationDate of the Event Frame. Easiest way to get it is with the PowerShell cmdlets: Get-AFEventFrame


              For example:


              $afServer = Get-AFServer -name "MyAFServer"

              $EF = Get-AFEventFrame -ID 'GUID' -AFServer $afServer


              You can then see the CreationDate as it is a property of an AFEventFrame object. So in PowerShell $EF.CreationDate


              You can get the GUID from PSE at the bottom right:



              Hope this helps,