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PiPoint Setting to Bypass Snapshot

Question asked by afontenot on Nov 12, 2018
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We are integrating a web app with PI using the AFSDK. One portion of this app requires users to submit values for instrument readings taken at midnight. For these values, we are using the SetValue() method to send data to the PI System. If an edit of the submitted data is made, we would like to overwrite the existing data in the PI System. My understanding is that the SetValue method does this by default if another value is found in the Archive at the given timestamp.



Let's say we have a scenario where a user submits a value three times for the same pi point and timestamp. What we see in the PI System is that the first value is held in snapshot. The second is pushed to the Archive. The third replaces the second is the archive. At this point if I view the snapshot for this tag, I still see the first value.



Is there a way to disable snapshot for a manual pi point so that all values get pushed to the archive and will be overwritten in the scenario above?