Events handler in PI API

Discussion created by on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by Lonnie Bowling

I'm working with PI API. Before I did some test with PI SDK. I found there is some menchanism to handle events in PI SDK. I have this code:

Point = point;
PIData data = point.Data;
Pipe = data.EventPipe;
Events = (_DEventPipeEvents_Event)Pipe;
Events.OnNewValue += new _DEventPipeEvents_OnNewValueEventHandler(OnNewValueEvent);

So method OnNewValueEvent is called everytime, when new value for given tag is set.

I'm looking for similar funcionality in PI API. 

I found topic EVM (Event Management) in PI API documentation. But it doesn't look like exactly as what I need. (app need to call function pisn_evmexceptions for events.. there is not any registration mechanism)

Could you help me please? Is there any approach in PI API?

Thanks a lot !!!