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Personal PI System Sandbox

Question asked by BrianBolton Champion on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by LalBabuShaik

In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, I have decided to create a virtual PI System Sandbox on my laptop. I am using VMWare Workstation Pro 14. I am using Windows Server 2016 with SQL Server 2016 Express. I have installed the PI-Server_2018 install kit. I also have the IIS Manager and IIS Manager 6.0 installed. As most of you know the PI-Server_2018 Install Kit provides the PI Data Archive, AF Server, PISDKUtility, PI Web API Admin Utility, PI SMT, PI System Tray, PI System Explorer (16 & 32), PI ICU, AF Collective Manager, PI Collective Manager and the PI System Directory. Everything seems to be running great on the VM side. My Host Name is WIN-IMO12VLT110 and that is also the Logon Domain. I personally think I set something up wrong since I cannot connect to either the AF server or the Data Archive from outside of the VM with PI System Explorer, ProcessBook, DataLink, SMT or About SDK connections. I am curious if anyone has experienced this during a virtual install?