Checkout issues with EventFrames ==> workaround

Discussion created by aldorexbraam on May 15, 2012
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Hi, Just sharing  some of my findings with an issue I had with EFs and AF2.3




We have an existing AF installation which uses EFs in a highly concurrent application. Once in a while the application (which runs as a service) is not able to edit/delete do-anything anymore with the eventframe.




I suspect that AF has an issue with locking and transactions, once a locking issue occurs the EventFrames internal bookkeeping ends up in an inconsistent state. 


With on the one hand the checkout flag ( the fkcheckoutinfoid field in dbo.AFEventFrame ) set and on the other side the object checkout flag ( in dbo._CHECKOUTINFO) NOT SET.


AF sees this as a checkout of the EF and throws a DBexception (can be seen in the code of usp_AFEventFrame_Checkout() )


biggest problem here is that the system explorer gives no indication of that and also no option to 'reset' the checkout status. leaving you with no option to resolve this issue...


So resolve this I did the following 'dirty' trick : (don't try this without proper backup) 


run the following update on the EF


update [PIFD].[dbo].[AFEventFrame]


set [fkcheckoutinfoid]=null


where [name]='<<EF name' and [rid]=<<RID ....redundant I know...but provides an extra safety net against mistakes>>