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    RtReports and Daylight savings time considerations



      We are using RtReports and whenever the time shift happens for Daylight savings, we have standard procedures on how to deal with it.

      Basically they are - if you can prevent running a batch that starts or ends during that 1 hr shift window, then don't run it. Wait until after the shift.

      And to not have batches running that span that hour.

      So if a sterilization process is supposed to run for 40 mins, and the fall-back occurs, but the recipe ends after 40 mins, an error will get generated saying it was too short a time span.


      I know that under the covers, RtReports uses UTC.

      So shouldn't there be a rule of thumb, or standard way, for calculating time spans using just the UTC values?

      Then the time shift would not be an issue, at least for the scenario described above.