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Using TimeEq Equation on a analog value

Question asked by Mogens_Petersen1 on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by jyi

I have the following question.


I have the following working to return time which tag have been OK + the fixed number ( 123159 )


123159 + TimeEq('HEDE@ASU1@AIR_COMPRESSION@HS_7099_DOL:ON','01-Jan-2016 00:01','*',"ON")/3600


Which work for running hours.


But i want to have the same option for a analog value ( Float32 ) 


26452 + TimeEq('KALU@UTILITIES@PRODUCTION_ENERGI@KI_8030C2','01-Jan-2016 00:01','*','>100')/3600


I want to know how TIME a given tag have been above 100


How to do this??