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Is correct to say  PI DA CORRUPTED ?

Question asked by ALLENDE on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by nifernando

Hi Every body!!

I have a rarly case about PI DA Corrupted. First of all I mentioned about how it was showed.


1. The source of data is a PI DA.

2. The interface is PI to PI.

3. I checked the data on PI DA where is colect data of other PI. This data was incorrect because it had some problem on analizes.

4. I checked the analizes and I found the mistake on calculate. Then I decided to do a backbill on the source, then I checked the data on source PI and It was correct..!

5. Then I checked the data on second PI and the date was incorrect.

6. The ICU of source Pi to PI has an option. One of them is recovery and I used this option.

I check Use history recovery and put the date 01-Oct-18....14-Nov-...

7. The data on second PI it was repeat.

8. Now the PI DA no colllect data as a result my coworker mentioned the PI DA is corrupted. I don´t know about it. I´m not sure.


Thanks of your suggest